Condominium Maintenance

As part of the maintenance of condominiums, we provide and provide a service of high quality and rigor, having professional staff in the specialties that are essential for the correct execution of maintenance.

Housing Support

-All the services provided for the buildings are extended to dwellings.
-Support service for the contracting and repair of mobile or immovable interior equipment.

Monitoring and Maintenance

-Regular visits to the building, to check and prevent anomalies and malfunctions of common equipment.
-Requisition of mandatory visits to building equipment (elevators, gas pipes, etc.).
-Inspection and guidance of services provided to the building, including cleaning and surveillance.
-Regular monitoring of the building, promptly proposing adequate conservation and/or maintenance actions, in order to avoid its degradation, ensuring the enhancement of the heritage while minimizing costs.
-Organization of the market consultation process in case of extraordinary conservation works.
-Professional valuation of properties for any purpose.
-Professional technical inspections with pathology diagnosis report.
-Preparation of budgets for works.
-Garden maintenance


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