Who we are

Península Condomínio operates exclusively in the area of condominium management, our main objective is to offer condominium owners a set of services with the highest quality and at a price adequate to the requests of our services, in order to minimize concerns related to the management, cleaning and maintenance of common areas of any development.

Condominium Administration

In our provision of administration services, we include a set of functions and responsibilities, complying not only with all legal requirements in force, but also in accordance with the best practices and professional ethics.

Condominium Cleaning

Our condominium cleaning service is carried out by professionals who optimize cleaning time and priorities. We ensure a flawless service, carrying out work in the most diverse types of buildings, from the smallest to the most complex buildings.

Condominium Maintenance

Within the scope of condominium maintenance, we provide and provide a high quality and rigorous service, having in our professional staff the specialties that are essential for the correct execution of maintenance.

Now also in Algarve

We provide a service of excellence and proximity, but we want to go even further for our customers. Therefore, we present our branch in the Algarve!

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Competitive and responsive service.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer excellent conditions to treat your Condominium.

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Have your condo always at hand

We have online software that allows you, in a secure way, to communicate and access all the information about your condominium, 24 hours a day. Contact us to request access to this service.

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